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IT Support # 360.758.4335 - If you get voicemail - please leave a detailed message - LNS IT is notified and will call you back during the times listed below - thank you.
IT support email is below:

** Lummi Nation School ** Hot Spot Tech Tip!

1. Plug in and power on your hot spot

2. Press the power button twice to show the hot spot’s password

3. Grab a smart phone or tablet and connect to the hotspot using that password

4. Once connected there will be a pop up that takes you through wi-fi set up to access the internet - and the option to set up your own new password

5. Make sure to CONFIRM this set up to enable internet access.

Internet Connection Issues

Please note: LNS IT can’t troubleshoot connection issues with internet/wi-fi drops – please contact your ISP Internet service provider first.  If you are using San Juan Cable or Native Networks– contact support info is below.

San Juan Cable
Phone: 360-758-7879
Toll Free: 888-512-2141

If the device just won’t connect to internet/wi-fi, you can send a detailed email to LNS Tech Support at




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