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21st Century (Lummi Nation School)
Summer School!

Michael Brooks

Phone: (360) 758-4378 
Work Cell: (360) 603-2785 

21st Century Summer School Program 2023

LNS Summer School 2023 is a WRAP!

Hello members of the community, I would like to thank everyone who allowed their child to join Lummi Nation School in the 2023 Summer Program. Thanks to your children and our combined staff, we were able to have a successful summer program this year. Every week we had field trips for the students to participate in and be outside to enjoy the lovely weather we had during our summer days. The last week of the program was the most eventful; we had a trip to Birch Bay Waterslides, presented the Project Based Learning (PBL) projects, and had a Field Day. There was also a major key component to cultural activities that was instrumental to a successful program.

There were members of the community that came out to the Birch Bay Waterslides and to see the PBL presentation, also on the last day community members from Comods Ray James, and Elaine Lane helped us prepare lunch, that the children loved.

The students spent all summer planning and organizing their grade level’s individual. PBL; in the end they all tied it together for a beautiful community presentation.

Kindergarten and First grade- Based on the story “Rot, The cutest in the World” by Ben Clanton, the students discussed the importance of believing in yourself even when nobody else does and speaking to yourself with kindness. They put this into action by creating their own ‘ROT mutant potatoes’. The students named and wrote positive attributes for their creature. The students then focused on themselves by creating self portraits, highlighting what they love about themselves, what they know they are good at, and then followed this up with a piece of artwork to accompany their writing.

Second Grade- Second grade students worked together to create their own rainforest! Students researched their animals and created an information booklet for onlookers to learn more about their rainforest animals.

Third grade- Third graders painted flowerpots and planted Cosmo flower seeds. In addition, they also painted a picture of what the seeds will look like when the flowers are ready to bloom using tempura paint and Q-tips as the medium.

Fourth grade- The Fourth graders have been working very hard on their “fraction pizzas” this summer! This project was designed to help students become more familiar with real world examples of fractions in a fun and creative way! Students started by creating a pizza and adding whatever topping their hearts desired. Then they made an ingredient list, with fractions to describe how much of their pizza was covered by each topping.

Fifth grade- Fifth grade did art portfolios over the summer. The students did various art projects, poems, and other work that was showcase-worthy and put it on display. Some of the bigger projects within the portfolio were the half/half art canvases. These involved splitting a canvas in half and doing two different art styles. The students also did some sculptures that were more a project of practicing dexterity, rather than a time based project.

Sixth grade- The Sixth grade class worked on both the vacation project as well as personal art projects. Students were given the option of completing the vacation project and presenting a location that they were interested in traveling to, or presenting their chosen art piece project they created from various materials.

Seventh and Eighth- The Seventh and Eighth graders worked on their vacation projects this summer. The projects had students researching a destination they would like to go to anywhere in the world and to write a description of what they wanted to do. Also, the students budgeted their adventures with a random money generator. After each student received their budget, they investigated how much flights, hotels, and various other expenses were to allow them the sense of planning a real trip. Students were given plenty of graphic organizers and sentence stems to help them visualize the writing aspect of their trip. They also had the option of making a poster to show the community or a PowerPoint presentation. The students also used the internet to find photos, cool facts, and to learn more about their destinations which they then added to their projects.

SPED Team- Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve its effect. The painting they created is a representation of Abstract Art, and the beauty of randomness and chaos!

This summer was filled with both academic and enrichment success, it was a team effort from community members, staff and students.

Thank you!

Michael Brooks, 21st Century Program Coordinator

(Pictures to come soon  on the LNS Facebook page!)

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