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Hawk Talk for 4/17/2024

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VR Science with Jess Newley, Lexie Tom and Jay Julius - Video Trailer by Blackhawk Studios


Why Tribal Education?
Education Director Dr Lexie is very interested in finding and using technology to help broaden the way we bring content to our students using immersive virtual reality. In this case through the help of diver Jess Newley with Friends of the San Juans producing 360-degree videos of salmon spawning we gain a perspective never possible until now for anyone other than a diver. Students were able to gain perspective in our Salish Biology and Media class.  Former LIBC Chairman Jay Julius shared with the students how important it is to merge technology into our conservation efforts to keep our salmon healthy for generations to come.

To watch this video in its entirety: Click Here

Hawk Talk for 3/6/2024

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Hawk Talk for 2/21/2024

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Hawk Talk for 2/2/2024

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21st Century After School Program - Family Engagement Night

2/1/2024 (Video is a presentation shown at the event)

Hawk Talk & some Senior Night Highlights!

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